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Asylum sought

Intelligence has intercepted the following transmission from one of the current residents of this house, who has apparently rumbled an incipient plan for his future: Help – they have trussed me up in this ridiculous new-fangled cycling gear and made me sit with this old git in a cloth cap, and now they are threatening […]

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Lotte’s Maiden Voyage

We have made our first trip in Lotte Trollope (for that is her name). Preparations started the day before with the charging of her batteries and chilling the fridge. It took us the best part of a morning to get her ready for the off (packing, loading, weight distribution for travel, filling the water tank, […]

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Change of Life

August 2010. I’m about to be 50. Dee is 53 and a half. We’ve been together for 12 years, and married for five. We’ve put our house on the market and bought a caravan. We’re going to live in France and make a living through gardening and tree work.

This is not a spur of the moment decision, it’s been mulling around for a few years (as a serious proposition that is, for many years before that we along with countless others have often thought semi-seriously about giving up the day job and running away). This is not about running away now though. It’s about giving serious consideration to how we want to spend the rest of our lives.

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Goodbye to Bartlett

We have sold Bartlett the open canoe. She was named after Bartlett Lodge on Cache Lake in the Algonquin Park, Ontario where we first went out in a canoe together (in the summer of 2005, on our honeymoon). We’ve loved Bartlett for four years but for various reasons we have only been able to take […]

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Learning and Doing

Yesterday I started in earnest working on my new educational (ad)venture, the Considering a change in direction from educational consultant to gardener this seemed like a good place to start. Actually that’s perhaps not so much a career change as a progression and completion (a ‘return enhanced’ as Dee’s last post put it) but […]

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Returns enhanced

It’s interesting how you can have a bit of technology lurking away in the background and ignored for years. So it was with this WordPress site. It was originally set up for us to record our thought about civil unions and subsequently getting married. And since that auspicious day in 2005 things have bumbled along […]

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