Gay Pride

DSCF0688.JPG We went to Brussels on Saturday, to do some minor shopping and have a bit of a tourist stroll. Our visit coincided with the annual Brussels Gay Pride parade. A first for both Dee and me, so being in the right place at the right time we found a good spot to watch the proceedings. Like most of the (many) parades and festivals we’ve experienced in Belgium this one was loud, fun, flamboyant, mostly young, high-spirited and good-natured – only more so. And there was a serious side to things too – the event started with a minute’s silence for those living under less liberal regimes throughout the globe who are not able to parade with pride, and some of the key messages were more about political positions and personal tragedies than invitations to party. Apparently there was a record crowd of around 45,000. Tourists seemed rather bemused. Apart from some temporary deafness on account of spending 20 minutes or so at the start in close proximity to a float advertising one of Belgium’s finest gay clubs (oh I felt so old) we had a grand time people-watching. We were particularly impressed by the swiftness with which the municipal workers following the procession instantly removed every trace of litter and glitter and restored the streets of the city to their normal straightness. Here are some moments.


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