Mum’s Back Garden

DSCF0409.JPG In common with many Scottish homes, Mum’s back garden consisted largely of a small but irritating patch of grass. This has been a bother to her since she moved here three years ago – a constant battle with weeds, bare patches, water-logged muddy bits, and regular unwelcome tussles with the mower.

So we dug up the grass, laid some landscape fabric, covered with pebbles and arranged some pots and planters. Visual depiction here.

DSCF1224.JPG This was not the work of a moment. Each turf (or sod, or sodding turf) was cut and piled into what came to resemble a Pictish burial mound, then wheel-barrowed round the front, and loaded into a van hired for the purpose. We then had to take the load to the Polmadie waste disposal and recycling centre, apparently the biggest in Europe, and vie with articulated lorries carrying tonnes of squashed plastic bottles and flattened cardboard to add our sodding turves to the appropriate pile of mud.

DSCF1230.JPG Dee laid landscape fabric like fitted carpet, and we spread two tons of Scottish river pebbles. We’ve added wooden planters, a cluster of pots and an elaborate bird-feeding arrangement.

Planting of said planters is a work in progress – watch this space. Rain no longer turns the back garden into a quagmire, it brings the colours of the pebbles to life instead. We think Mum is pleased 🙂


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