Duvet days

DSCF1090.JPGAnyone wondering how Bob and Aggie are faring in their new temporary accommodation in Belgium, here’s your answer. They sleep most of the day, and all of the night (model children really). They eat the food that is put out for them, they drink lots of water (as long as we buy bottled stuff and put it in their traditional Alsatian pottery bowl) and they are using the tray tidily (if a little more frequently than we had perhaps realised when they were going outside for the past 12 years).¬†They have been along to the living room once or twice but didn’t care for DSCF1089.JPGthe company (including the fleas they brought back with them). Reynolds and Mini (that’s Princess Pannekoek and Baron Beignet to give them their Sunday names) are regular visitors to the door, but no matter how much they scratch and howl outside, Bob makes her unwillingness to let them in quite clear (have you ever heard a cat snort DSCF1093.JPGlike a pig?) Agnes would make friends but it’s not worth upsetting Bob with other cats – particularly as we seem to be experiencing something of a rapprochement between our two, who can now eat in proximity to one another and have been seen almost touching as they sleep on the bed.
Every cloud has a grey fluffy lining….

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