DSCF1064.JPGWe had epiphany cake (galette des rois, driekoningentaart) today, brought by Nic from a market in Brussels this morning. And I got the bean. I confess I didn’t know what epiphany cake was until a couple of days ago. A quick Google search indicates that there are lots of variations on this theme in many different countries. There’s some kind of trinket inside each cake and the person who gets it in their slice gets to wear a crown and be king or queen for the year. The trinket is called une fève here, so presumably it was indeed originally some kind of dried bean. My bean is a little porcelain drummer boy (that’s appropriate in this house). The cake, by the way, is a kind of almond pithivier in a delicious flaky butter pastry.

DSCF1066.JPGI heard before we left France that a baker in the south had put real gold coins in some of his galettes des rois so there was a bit of a run on his cakes. I’m pleased with my little drummer boy and as you can see am wearing my crown with (somewhat bemused) pride.

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