Finger update

DSCF1057.JPGIt’s been five weeks since the accident and operation, so it was time for the wire to come out. Sister Adamson performed the procedure successfully yesterday morning (and I wasn’t allowed to look). Wilf the sometime orthopaedic technician has fashioned me a replacement splint from a bit of reclaimed aluminium and some velcro. We’re not sure whether to paint a knight’s face (I call it Roland) or make some snail antennae (Wilf calls it Brian). At any rate it’s a relief no longer to be wired up and have a bit more movement in the finger. Also to have achieved all stages of the post-op care so far without needing to use the medic-to-medic letter they gave me in the hospital in Slough which started ‘Thank you for seeing this 50-year-old woman…’ because I felt that was an unnecessary detail. I’m keeping the pin as a souvenir – my Grandma Plenderleith would have had it for a hat-pin 🙂DSCF1060.JPG

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