DSCF1041.JPGIt’s been snowing for days, and the novelty is wearing off. There may be something especially atmospheric about Christmas in the snow but you can get too much of a good thing. We managed a quick walk up the Clos Sainte-Odile (vineyards above Obernai) on Saturday afternoon when it stopped snowing just before the light faded. Yesterday we went to the Christmas market in Barr (loads of local artisans including some lovely glasswork), came back to Obernai for an apéritif of vin chaud under a clear sky and nearly full moon. DSCF1042.JPGWe went out for a meal to celebrate Dee’s success with her OU French exams and when we left the restaurant it was pouring with rain. Had an interesting night with rain drumming on Lotte’s roof (sounded like we were being pelted with nails) and rocking in the wind. Woke up this morning to more rain and all the snow had gone. Hurray. Then the rain turned to snow and we were quickly submerged under a thick blanket of white again. Cancelled trip to Strasbourg to renew negotiations at the bank (that’s an ongoing saga for another day) and stayed in order to be able sporadically to clear acculumations of snow from our front path (see images) and Lotte’s roof. The snowplough has just cleared the main road through the campsite so we’re probably no longer snowbound but it’s currently raining heavily and about to get dark so we’ll just have to settle in for the night now and hope for a better day (albeit the shortest of the year) tomorrow.

DSCF1033.JPGIt’s not just us, most of Europe seems to be weatherbound too. Heathrow, Frankfurt, Paris airports and Strasbourg Entzheim all closed, most of the motorways in England and France are chaotic, trains are running irregularly, there’s a massive queue of people outside St Pancras trying to get to France. The French news programmes are including bulletins about bad weather in Scotland but I think that’s because some rugby match has been cancelled.

Everything seems slower and darker and we are feeling a bit stuck today. Asking lots of difficult questions and not finding any answers. But everything is much slower and darker in mid-winter anyway and things do get stuck in snow (currently a caravan being towed by a Citroen has just come to a skiddy halt outside and is completely blocking the road). It’ll get moved, the snow will melt, the light will come back, things will be clearer soon.DSCF0043.JPG

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