Another day

DSCF1027.JPGThis is the same campsite this morning, with minus nine overnight and a light snowfall before dawn.

Our possessions are in an increasing number of places, in at least three different countries, all safely lodged we’re sure but it’s getting quite complex remembering what’s where. We have a comprehensive list of what’s in all the boxes that are in store in Nairn, and a reasonable idea of what we left at the batiment Deux-Acren in Belgium including the touring bicycles. The mountain bikes we left in Saint-Avold, they had suffered enough with three weeks on the top of the car and there was no real possibility of using them in the near future. Tomorrow we will go and see Marc and Janine in Lingolsheim, and check on the things we sent on to them for safe-keeping.DSCF1031.JPG

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