Impending interviews

Rose rang last night to say she had received the letter from the Palais de Justice and the date for the interview is next Thursday 31 March.

Last week the jeweller’s phoned to say the rings were in – we will go tomorrow (also Thursday) for fitting and approval.
I had already typed the above in when I wanted to tweak something and made the mistake of not saving it first … aagh!

The excitement seems to come in waves, mostly it’s just there ebbing at the shore of my consciousness but then something happens and a bigger wave surges over my head. Like when a letter came the other day from Montreal and I thought it was from the Palais de Justice because the address was Place des Armes. It turned out to be Wilf’s Grand Prix tickets but not before we’d had a wee panic.

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  1. Jane
    Posted 31 March 2005 at 23:01 | Permalink

    The interview was today and it all seemed to go according to plan. Plans come together when they are well planned, of course. We are celebrating our civil union on 12 August 2005 (the glorious twelfth) at 16.00 EST (I think) which will be 21.00 BST and 20.00 GMT.

  2. Dee
    Posted 7 April 2005 at 20:11 | Permalink

    We were in town shopping yesterday and when we arrived home the jeweller’s had phoned to say the stones are in for us to inspect. I phoned today and apparently the rings are back from being hallmarked as well. We will go in next Friday when we go to collect the car from being serviced.
    Little flickers of excitement.
    But I don’t want to wish the summer away anticipating August and it’ll be June before we know where we are and the solstice will have been and gone.

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