Accident & Emergency

Yesterday afternoon I got my finger caught in the caravan door. This being a rather well-built caravan with a sturdy frame, and the door having been closed with some force, the injury is not trivial. Dee realised this immediately and wheeched me off to the nearest A&E (St Peter’s Chertsey, as previously noted the birthplace of Christine and Catherine). My first personal visit to casualty in at least 20 years and things do seem to have changed. Not least a fixation with waiting time targets (no more than 4 hours) and a tremendous generosity with the use of dressings. Two very nice nurse practitioners pronounced the injury beyond them, and having prescribed antibiotics and painkillers sent me off to see a plastics specialist at Wexham Park Hospital in Slough (come, friendly bombs…). Said specialist pronounced the injury to be ‘spectacular’ and one of the most interesting referrals he’s had in a while. So I’m a teaching case as well as a basket case. ¬†There’s an open fracture, (a type 2 mallet finger), crush injury, tendon damage, and possible nerve damage. We’ve to go back to Slough tomorrow morning for a wee operation, under local anaesthetic, which will hopefully save the shape and functionality of my left index finger. I suspect that’s the end to any chance of a late career change to concert pianist, guitarist or hand model. But hopefully I’ll be able to type using both hands again in a couple of months.

I’ll be in a stookie for a few days (actually I’m not sure the young man who saw me today knew what a stookie is) and then have to go back to have a custom splint made. That and the continuing bad weather are conspiring to keep us in England. We are having to be patient in a number of senses.

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