Campsite etiquette

Happy St Andrews day to ane an all.

It is a truth universally acknowledged that campers learn from other campers. Often you have little choice – campers are notoriously fixated with all things camping and will waste no opportunity to tell others everything there is to know about their van/tent/towing arrangements/latest gismo. I recall my sister Wilma relating after the Dougall’s first camping expedition that having overheard a woman at the dishwashing area explaining to her granddaughter the importance of clearing up after oneself and not leaving any suds or food debris for the next user, she then knew what to do herself. So I am slightly disappointed at deluxe Chertsey at having to clean up sinkloads of suds studded with bits of rice and covered with a light sheen of oily tomato. I’ve just drawn the line at clearing somebody’s old spaghetti hoops out of the plughole. Says something about winter campers perhaps, and their diet. Then again, this whole observation says something about my current state of mind and the major preoccupations of life at the moment.

Campiquette, anyone?

Dee observed this morning that all major expeditions involve periods of waiting – for the tide to turn, for a weather window, for papers to arrive, for bureaucracy to run its course. Some comfort as we sit in our wee caravan on a campsite in west London watching the snow turn to sleet and back again. Today’s greatest excitement apart from the spaghetti hoops in the sink has been a squirrel trying to use a potato masher left on the grass outside our window.

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