All aboard for the bard

The weather has taken a distinct turn for the cold. Minus six in the mornings, so we get a brisk run to and from the shower block.

The M6 wasn’t much fun, especially for Dee. She’s not accustomed to life in the slow lane and it is indeed a hazardous place full of crazy artics and the occasional timorous driver going even more slowly than us. Our days of sitting in the outside lane with the foot down zipping past the trouble zones are currently in abeyance.

But we’ve made it to Stratford upon Avon. We had dinner last night with the Lockeys (minus Christine) and lunch with Catherine today in between double biology and physics and chemistry and maths. I’m writing this in the RSC theatre cafe where there is free wifi, a grand view of dusk over the river, geese, willows, star-cross’d lovers and the occasional thespian (we caught Simon Callow purchasing beef sandwiches last time we were in Stratford – that was an hour or so before we saw him on the stage).

We’ve stayed at the Dodwell Caravan Park (doesn’t merit a link) an extra night because Chertsey was fully booked tonight. But we’ll be staying there for three nights from tomorrow on account of a bit of a delay with the car papers, intending to roll up at Dorothy and Ian’s house in Purley later in the week. All is well with humans and cats, we are starting to adapt quite nicely to life on the road 🙂

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