Aggie’s Bad Trip

We had intended to be off and away by 9.30am this morning but Aggie took a bit of a turn for the worse last night so we decided to take her to a vet first thing. She hadn’t eaten anything for almost three days and wasn’t even keeping down small amounts of fluid that Dee was managing to ‘persuade’ her to swallow, and that wasn’t the best shape for the journey of her life.

A charming young vet (they do seem to be getting younger these days) at the Rouken Glen Veterinary Practice gave her a thorough going over and diagnosed a bad reaction to the valium. He suggested it would do her more good if we were to take it instead. Colin the family pharmacist had implied he thought the dose we’d been prescribed was standard for his generally corpulent Drumchapel patients and something on the generous side for our wee cats. At any rate it was making Aggie feel a bit ick to say the least.

So she had a good slug of stomach-calming medicine, we had a final cup of coffee at Mum’s, and hit the road. We’re pitched tonight at the Brylea Carvan Park just to the north of Preston. There’s a big moon in a clear sky, stars in the orange glow of nearby conurbations, and icy temperatures outside. We were pretty frazzled when we arrived in Glasgow after the general angst of the house sale but in good shape mentally and physically to continue after our few days staying with Mum. Now it really feels like we’re on our way to la belle France.

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