Back to Glasgow

We left Drumnadrochit on Thursday morning around 11am. No drums, no fanfare, no waving crowds, just a quick stop at the shop for Dee to pick up some more supplies for Horis and a trundle through the village, over the bridge (mercifully open after the tree operations of the night before), round the bend and away. Another visit to the public weighbridge in Inverness confirmed we are well within the weight limits for the car and van (we could fill Lotte with another 60kg of goodies – or clothes – if we really needed to).

The journey south to Glasgow was fraught – storm winds over Drumochter buffetted the van and Dee had to hold on hard, the cats were anxious, big road works at Cumbernauld held us up just long enough to hit Glasgow at the rush hour in the dark and the rain. I was rather tired and emotional by the time we arrived at Mum’s.

DSCF1015.JPGLotte is happily laid up in the parking space outside Mum’s with Harriet Deux beside her. We’ve run the electricity line up a tree and over the pathway into the house – Mum’s neighbours are being very accommodating. The kittens are quite relaxed and we’ve not had to give them any valium since they’ve been here (well we did give Aggie a wee quarter to try to encourage her to eat on Sunday evening). We’ve unravelled so much that only now do we realise just how wound up we have been over the last week.

It’s been a weekend of reunions, not of goodbyes. Lunch with Mum, Helen and Joy. Drinks with Dorothy and Bel Simpson. Meal wth the family. Coffee with Alison Chisholm. I even went to church (it was nice to be there not for a funeral).DSCF1018.JPG

The journey south is more or less planned now: Preston – Stratford – Chertsey – Sutton (Dot) – Folkestone. I think leaving Glasgow (again) will be harder than leaving Drumnadrochit but when we are on the road and facing in the right direction I’m sure we will be looking forward to new pastures and adventures.

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