Storm clouds gather

Second night at Borlum started badly as Bob peed the duvet just as we were getting ready for bed. We had been so busy making sure Aggie went nowhere near the bedding given her history of continence issues that we both thought Bob was just fine up there on her own. So we slept fully clothed under a fleece blanket – not as bad as we thought, although ‘slept’ is something of a euphemism for dozing fitfully between bouts of chasing cats up and down the van. Five in the morning has always been Aggie’s party time and the lack of space to run about is not going to cramp her style. Bob was seriously wound up after her indiscretion and knowing in no uncertain terms that the mummies were not best pleased with her. We have taken them to the vet today and they are now on valium and calming hormones. Not sure what it’s doing for the cats but we both feel better already. Today we alo picked up and banked the cheque for the house, and bought two new rear tyres for the new car on account of getting a puncture just across the road from National Tyres.

Signs out of Inverness informed us the A82 was blocked at Invermoriston. Today’s winds have been fierce and there are trees down everywhere. There have been lots of power cuts. It’s one of those really strong winds that seems to have a life and a mind of its own – to us it seems to symbolise both the clearing out we’ve just been doing, and a trade wind blowing us far from here. Tonight in that spirit our last meal at the Lewiston Arms (Loch Ness Inn) was accompanied by a glass of Cairngorm Brewery’s Trade Winds. Equally symbolic are the two pine trees that have today come down at the Drumnadrochit Bridge (now there’s a tautology for Gaelic speakers). Time for us to move on.

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