Borlum Farm

The first night of our new life in Lotte passed reasonably successfully. By that I mean we were warm and cosy, and the cats didn’t wizz the bed. Nothing would prevent Bob from sleeping in the bed with us as usual. Aggie decided to party the night away and wouldn’t settle anywhere else either (which makes us very nervous). It took us ages to get up and sorted in the morning but we should get slicker at the various chores.

We have the campsite to ourselves. It’s a gravelled area beside the stables with hook-up for 10 vans, two loos, a shower and a dishwashing area for which the water has been disconnected on account of the freeze. Facilities are a bit basic and it costs 20p for a five-minute hot shower! We opened the blinds in the morning to a view of Loch Ness which was nice.

A strange but good day spent sorting odds and ends. I went to Abriachan to say goodbye to Donald and Margaret. Dee spent most of the day at the Glenurquhart Centre sorting their website and installing our old (their new) colour printer. I went back to Lewiston to ask the new people for an adaptor we had left unintentionally, and to wait for Blytheswood to come and clear the stuff we left in Adrian’s emporium. We went back again later to the old house to try to help sort their broadband connection and explain the finer points of the heating system. The new residents include a Border Terrier called Boris and a Jack Russell called Bilko. Rose will be pleased that there’s a Russell in Lewiston at last. Trish and Adrian had invited us for dinner. The strangest thing about all this was coming back to Lotte and despite the cramped conditions (which get more cramped with every bag we bring in from the car) feeling very much at home. As I write I have Dee sitting opposite working on her laptop, Aggie sleeping on the seat beside me, Bob on the bed having a wash.

The wind has just got up and is throwing larch cones at the van. Sounds like we are being pelted with stones.

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