Mother Courage and the rest

Good things have happened with some of the stuff we have got rid of. Just before we went to Belgium with the trailer we sold our bed, a couple of chests of drawers, some bookshelves and other stuff to a woman who lives in a wee cottage up the Bunloit hill with her young son. She’s an interesting woman who has spent time travelling round Europe in her caravan with her children so of course we called her Mother Courage. The lad across the road expressed an interest in our travel plans, somewhat wistfully commenting that he and his girlfriend would love to visit Amsterdam and Germany to see things they’d learned about in history classes. We gave him a map and some encouragement to go and see the world beyond Drumnadrochit. The polite and articulate young man who helped with the second day of our furniture removal was a student at Aberdeen College who went away with a coffee table we had no further room for but was apparently just the thing he and his girlfriend needed for their new flat (I think he then negotiated working the day for nothing in return for transporting his own new piece of furniture back to Aberdeen). Trish took Scots and Gaelic dictionaries which may help to answer some of the linguistic questions often posed by her B&B guests, the shredder and a computer lap table. Even the man who came to collect our old car which we sold to an Internet trading company left not just with the car but also our old water filter jug (not realising perhaps that the water tastes good in the Highlands for reasons other than Brita).

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