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You said you liked the idea of typing something in and then clicking on ‘Publish’ and being pleased with the process and the achievement. I like, and am surprised by, the freedom despite the fact that we have both used word processors on a daily basis for at least the last 15 years.

What does this tell us about techology and writing and freedom.

Horis is afraid of technology and of illness and getting old. Some days I’m afraid of being old and incapable but then I remember we have (as well as each other of course) technology by which we are empowered and we never need to feel alone again.

But I fear they may be a further upsurge of badly written novels and I do find some of your Glenaffric posts quite long…

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  1. Jane
    Posted 19 March 2005 at 17:23 | Permalink

    I will learn to channel my streams of consciousness into productive irrigation systems, and maybe the freshwater oysters will yield some pearls…

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