This is a retrospective blog post, because it’s something that would have been done if I had been a more assiduous blogger at the time, and should be marked somehow. Dee and I both lost our fathers within seven months of each other. Both died rather suddenly, my Dad in October 2007 while out walking in Rouken Glen, and George the following April in Brittany. Both had been suffering for the past few years with various ailments which had slowed them down and caused them some pain (my Dad’s heart condition and arthritis, George’s chest and knee). Both had undergone operations which they hoped would improve things considerably. We miss them lots and think of them often – in fact, we think we are becoming more and more like them as we get older, in quirky idiosyncratic ways that are mostly not too bad 🙂
Here’s a wee picture gallery of happy times with George.

Here are the tributes we made at the time – a video of me practising the eulogy I gave on behalf of the Plenderleiths at Dad’s funeral, and the bilingual Order-of-Service that we produced for George’s funerailles in Carhaix-Plouguer.

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