RHS Autumn Show

Went to the RHS Autumn Show in London. It was a really interesting experience. Very middle aged and middle class and middle England but weirdly enough I did not feel out of place (should I worry?)At the RHS Autumn Show
Loved the display and array of apples and pears – it’s one thing reading lists of varieties in books and quite another to see the astonishing range of different shapes, colours and hues. Would have loved a taste but that would have been selfish.Apples on display
Dee caused a bit of a stir insisting on smelling the fruit and vegetables. Look but don't eat!Bought the RHS show book – very interesting to have the show groups and judging criteria. Smell and taste do not figure – size, shape, colour, blemish-free-ness but not culinary usefulness. If we were on the judging panel things would be different – but that’s not going to happen is it??Know your onionsPrizewinning veg
We also joined the Saint Paulia society, a quaint little organisation still producing A5 booklets printed in black and white dense courier font. Spent some time at the Dibley’s display and bought a couple of Streptocarpus leaf cuttings (including our old friend Black Panther). Dibley's displayPrizewinning Streptocarpus
There were some interesting and unusual S. examples on display, some of them cultivars with no given name – maybe not reliable varieties on account of their colourful hybridised heritage.

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