Gardening with the stars?

Went to an open afternoon at Poyntzfield Herb Garden on the Black Isle
to hear a talk on biodynamic gardening, principles and practice. It was a really stormy day, with a very cold wind biting in over the Cromarty Firth. There were around 12 people in the group, we didn’t do much socialising as it was all a bit cold and we didn’t really fancy the herbal tea (there’s only so much joining in I can get Dee to do). Had a grand cup of tea and a delicious scone in a tearoom in Cromarty instead.
I think there is something in biodynamics. Certainly I have no business dismissing principles and practice that have informed how things are grown through many many centuries of world civilisation. I remain sceptical about ritualistic procedures like the burial of the horn in a corner of the garden full of potent mixture mixed in just the right way with the right number of turns creating the right kind of vortex. But at the same time it does seem to work and there have been some trials that have produced evidence enough for a wide following. Homeopathy for gardens. The pull of the moon and the stars on earth and air and water does have a physical explanation and it makes sense that this has a bearing on plants and crops.
I will try to plant according to the lunar calendar and will pay attention to the sidereal calendar too, and solar of course. But if it’s a sunny Sunday and I need to plant seeds I’ll do so if waiting for the right day in the sidereal calendar might not be the right day in terms of the weather or other things I have to do.
It’s a personal thing, biodynamic gardening, about what feels right. I’ve got a lovely book from Dee on biodynamics and will get my head round it a bit more yet.

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