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I’m not sure how this will work, because it is clearly important for us to differentiate between work and life, and generally we make a pretty good job of that even though we work at home and spend so much of our working life and non-working life together, often talking about work things while we play/relax/walk etc. My musings at the moment are largely about what I am working on, which may be best placed in the Glenaffric bit of the blog rather than here.

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  1. Dee
    Posted 17 March 2005 at 17:11 | Permalink

    I think most of this belongs in the Glenaffric blog because it is all about work and BlueJade is all about us and our life together.
    I know that includes Glenaffric but I do feel that’s one bit that can easily be lifted out and placed somewhere else in its own right.

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