Trees for Life

Today Dee and I had our first experience of volunteer work with Trees for Life. We spent the day at the Plodda Lodge tree nursery digging up 2-year-old alder and willow saplings for planting in the TfL Dundrennan estate in Glenmoriston. It was pouring with rain for most of the morning and the ground was still cold, but warm enough to get the trees out of the nursery and off to their new home. There was some urgency as this was a task that should have been completed a few weeks ago, and a couple of warmer days last week had set off growth of those distinctive purple alder buds.The bed is now nicely nitrified by the alders and ready for its next set of saplings.

In total we and the rest of the team dug, graded, trimmed and packed 738 alders. We didn’t have time to start packing the willows but hopefully they’ll be on their way soon. We thoroughly enjoyed our day in the nursery, despite the rain, the cold and the mud. I’d like a better look at the seed beds and cuttings in the polytunnels and to learn more about their systems from propagation to final position. We may join the TfL team again soon on one of their forays to gather cones or – my anticipated favourite – Aspen root cuttings.

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