Learning and Doing

Yesterday I started in earnest working on my new educational (ad)venture, the http://www.rhs.org.uk/Courses/Qualifications/RHS-Level-2-Certificate-in-Horticulture. Considering a change in direction from educational consultant to gardener this seemed like a good place to start. Actually that’s perhaps not so much a career change as a progression and completion (a ‘return enhanced’ as Dee’s last post put it) but that’s a consideration for another day.
Starting the course was a bit of a facer – I think I stumbled into every adult learner trap in the books (I could go to the shelves and check this). Full of seventeen-year-old angst and fear of failure, I set about trying to learn the things I’ll need to pass the exam. I need not to forget that this is a journey, that learning something new is exciting, that there is more to this than the course booklet, the presentation slides, the set text and the past papers.
Dee has resurrected this blog so I can tell myself (and anyone else who may be interested enough to read this) how I feel, think about what and how I’m doing. She’s also created a Moodle (Bluedle) with the course materials uploaded plus some other resources she’s found along the way. There is also an RHS forum which I can join and contribute to. Things have changed a lot and technology can really help me here.
I looked at the forum yesterday and fell into another adult learner trap – the other people on this course seem so sussed and have well thought-out strategies for coping with the workload, they must be so much better at this than I am. That’s the seventeen-year-old starting university talking in my head again.
I will join the forum. I will be going to Abriachan Nursery (RHS garden) next week to learn how to be a real gardener from working there and talking to Donald and Margaret Davidson. I will even get my head round the plant kingdom and all its gymnosperms and angiosperms – it’s fascinating stuff and I love it.

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