Back to the future

In May I had convinced myself and then decided that this blog had to be wrapped up and parked; to continue blogging I would need a new one. The technicalities of creating a new blog were simple but I was busy with various things and my heart wasn’t in it. I thought I wanted to do something a little more opinionated, a little less travels and days out. Procrastination set in and then some difficult research data collection took precedence and now Hogmanay is upon us. So I created the new site and planned a few posts to fill in the activity gaps between then and now. And then I realised that if we two are now one, the blog could continue in the way that it had done since I’d had the helm. But what about it being part of the research data and the need for anonymity? Over-anticipation as usual – all of the family and friends know about the research and no one has raised any anxieties (plus many of them make their activities and views far more public on Fbook). There are a few links that will need to be sorted for professional reasons but otherwise I’m back on the original (and best) blog. And before I finish this post for that was the year that was, I’ve made the missing posts, appropriately back-dated.

Apart from the monumental decision to kick-start the blog, the only other notable December events were the enjoyment of free scones at the National Portrait Gallery cafe – already a favourite place and a scone worth having, and a weekend chez Margaret in Glasgow with the pussy cats.

Because Bob has been so very poorly, autumn trips planned to London and Glasgow hadn’t happened but I really needed to go through to Glasgow for a festive visit. The weekend before Christmas was mutually convenient and so I bundled the cats into their baskets with all necessary accoutrements and off we went. We had a great time catching up with Jane’s family and the pussy cats thoroughly enjoyed central heating that comes on in the afternoon having been preceded by the gas fire. So much so they were quite reluctant to come home to the flat which had been come rather cooler than usual in our absence (although according to the darling siblings it’s Baltic anyway). But we were soon warmed up (Agnes) and none the worse for the excursion (Bob). Since our return though, Bob has had a wee turn necessitating a slug of her special cat opiate which then meant a quick visit to see Simon the vet. I had hoped we would get to the agreed check up in January but didn’t want to risk problems when opening hours are reduced. More pills, this time something for her heart which continues to race along as well as the steroids and the water pill. And more opiates in case she feels wonky again. So we’re all set for Hogmanay and a good new year.


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