More bits and Bob

When we arrived back from the Belgium trip, Bob was clearly not well. They were both well cared for while we were away by a new cat lady, Jenny, as Aileen was on holiday herself, but I had been worried before we left as she wasn’t looking great. Jenny dutifully sent texts each evening to reassure me that she was no worse but I knew she had lost a lot of weight – more than 2 kilos. She’d seemed fine when we’d gone to France but then had another dose of harvest mites and then ear mites necessitating the dreaded ear drops with the inevitable head-shaking.

Simon the vet did a full blood panel (£100 worth of the same tests Jane used to have every week) which was inconclusive – her liver was enlarged but not much else so he treated her cholangiohepatitis and we crossed fingers. Not much improvement and now ascites or dropsy (seen this before in a human …) so a wee water pill and continue the steroids. Agnes, however, is in fine fettle and very happy to eat any food that Bob doesn’t fancy. She looks like a wee fat barrel beside Bob, and is renamed Miss Piggy or Piglet depending on her demeanour. Bob and I persevered and then one morning her legs are wonky – she couldn’t walk, her feet were cold and she was in obvious pain. I feared the worst and made an appointment with Jenny as it was Simon’s day off. A saddle embolism is common in poorly older cats and can be treated with analgesics and anticoagulants but Google was not encouraging. After a fraught weekend of palliative care for cats complete with pussy opiates and me on the calming passiflora drops, she slowly, slowly improved. We still don’t really know what’s wrong – she has a tachycardia (fast heart rate), ascites and is moderately breathless but she’s not for giving up so we soldier on, quality not quantity as usual.


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