Timeless blogging – we two are one

It seems neither of us have been very diligent in our blogging habits as far as bluejade is concerned. When I created the site last year it was for a very important reason – our impending civil union in Canada. We even had a category for it and some posts. But then life became busier or something and neither of us made any new posts … until now. In fairness it should be said that Jane is very diligent when it comes to updating the Glenaffric work blog but I’m not good at either … until now.

Well, the most important update is that we did go to Canada but we didn’t have a Union Civil because when we arrived the Canadian law had changed and we were advised to get married as the Clerk of the Court said it was valid in all of Canada. At the time it was somewhat startling and it took me a few days to adjust because I was all set to get unioned and I wasn’t sure about being married or at least the reaction of others. Anyway, it was all fine and is definately the bestest thing I’ve ever done.

The glorious twelfth

We designed our tee shirts with the rainbow caption ‘We two are one’ on the front and ‘Nous deux sommes une’ on the back. We made our stripey trousers with Indian cotton bought in Liberty’s and had newish Teva sandals. We also designed the rings which are 18 carat yellow gold and each one is set with a diamond, a sapphire and an amethyst like the bluejade symbol. Rose and Sylvain were our hosts and witnesses.

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