Water of Leith (Part 2)

P1030049.JPG Yesterday afternoon we walked our next leg of the Water of Leith (downstream, but starting upstream from our previous starting point) from Colinton to Stockbridge (11km). By road this is familiar territory; by river it’s a far fresher and more peaceful meandering journey, through the woodlands of the Colinton and Craiglockhart Dells, past the Redhall walled garden, beside the allotments at the back of the prison, round the Saughton Rose Gardens, our hidden world of trees, undergrowth, blossom and Spring bulbs occasionally punctuated by road crossings at Slateford, Chesser, Balgreen and the West End. Dee was even able to indulge in a spot of tree-climbing.

P1030035.JPG We had to make a bit of a detour past Murrayfield because of tram works 🙁 – it was match day, and France’s turn to gub Scotland this week, but half-time when we passed and Scotland were in the lead (not that any of the security guards on the gates were able to tell us the score). The Murrayfield roar punctuated our journey downstream (and downwind) from that point, with a slight hint of a French accent, we felt.

P1030040.JPG Past the Cauldron below the Gallery of Modern Art, we rejoined our path from last week as far as Stockbridge and a very welcome cup of tea. We spotted an otter below Dean Bridge, a real one this time, it briefly posed for the cameras before jumping into the river and swimming purposefully downstream before we lost sight of it in the rapids. Dee had seen otters once before, at Dundonnell, me too once, at Lochinver. This one seemed smaller and slimmer, but pretty fit, the otter equivalent of a city slicker I suppose. Anyway it quite made our day, and capped another rather lovely city walk.

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