Home Improvements

DSCF1983.JPG We now have a pulley in the stairwell. And it works (oh ye of little faith, to coin a 400-year-old phrase). Well, the mechanism works – the extent to which it dries wet washing through a cold winter is yet to be proven, but early signs are good (here it is being piloted with a load of gardening clobber).

Realising her vision was quite a project for Dee – elementary physics meets light civil engineering (and some help from a jobbing joiner with a head for heights) and a thick skin required to counter the nay-sayers (of which I confess I was one). The pulley mechanism was actually bought years ago in an abortive attempt to store the canoe in the garage at Lewiston (it worked fine in principle, but nothing else could get in, least of all the car). The laths and rack ends (in a rather stylish blue) came from a niche little internet shop called PulleyMaid.com.

Now all we need is to ensure safe working from height posture when hanging up the washing and we will have a steady supply of clean, dry clothes until the sun comes back over the drying green in late February or so. Happiness is …. 🙂

Oh, and democracy has been in action. We’ve been following news reports warning of another hard winter with a mixture of concern (to be prepared) and scepticism (not to be swayed by media story-mongering). For preparedness, Dee emailed Clarence at the Council last week to request a grit box be placed at the junction with Redford Drive opposite. It just arrived on the back of a truck so we will have a ready supply of salt and grit (and molasses or whatever else they put in the stuff these days) to see us through an icy spell. Thanks Council!

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