Bimbling along

P1020104.JPG Apparently there is no such word as bimble, at least according to the Oxford English Dictionary. So it wouldn’t score anything at all in the recent World Scrabble Championships, unlike far more unlikely contributions as qi, zo, or goosier. But bimble has a lot of supporters and many groups lobbying for its inclusion in the OED (it even has its own facebook page) so clearly lots of people feel that they bimbling along. It’s certainly the phrase that occurred to me when looking for a way to describe life at the moment – bimbling along quite nicely thank you.

P1020111.JPG We had another grand walk in the Pentlands last weekend – 12 km through the Green Cleugh to Scald Law (the highest hill in the range at 579m) and the Kips, and back over the Red Road. Sunshine, blue sky and light winds, slight autumn nip in the air, crisp burnished colour all around. It felt really good to be on a genuine expedition, returning to the car as sun was disappearing into the west and the sky was turning from pale blue to indigo. But where have all the grouse gone?

P1020115.JPG Otherwise it’s been a calm routine of work and walks and talks. We’ve heard a couple of average presentations at the Colinton Lit, and an excellent one this week on the battlefields of the First World War – seen and experienced through the related reactions of groups of 14-15-year-old school pupils on a tour to complement their Standard Grade syllabus. We were moved.

P1020117.JPG Dee is working on a seasonal theme at her botanical illustration classes and I have my practical horticulture – last time we were learning to dig (the Botanics way) and since I was not fit for much bending and stretching at the time I carved myself a niche as class photographer and reporter. Here’s my reportage. Tomorrow we are planting trees. I wonder how many of my classmates will remember Plant a Tree in ’73 🙂

The Botanics are still lovely in November with the autumn trees and lots of still-flowering perennials . This autumn seems so mild – are they scientific realists or harbingers of foretold doom who warn of a third hard winter in a row this year? Not sure, but we have bought a snow shovel just in case.

DSCF1878.JPG We now have a bird feeder in our garden – nothing spectacular has fed there yet, just lots of sparrows, a couple of dunnocks, a wren, a robin, some magpies, jackdaws and crows (which I tend to chase) and a resourceful squirrel (which we find very cute). A flock of long-tailed tits landed all of a twitter a few weeks ago. But where have all the chaffinches gone?

DSCF1868.JPG Today is an auspicious day – 11 11 11 – solid palindromic balance. Good grounding for starting another chemo cycle this afternoon. We hope to be bimbling along like this till the festive season.

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