Fair to Middling

DSCF1230.JPG That’s three months we’ve been here now, and we are feeling very settled. Dee remarked the other day that we have found contentment, which may seem odd given the health circumstances, but is a pretty accurate assessment of how we feel, and the life we are living. Tests and hospital visits are accommodated into work and play without governing or obsessing us. We have work to do, meetings to have, reports to write. Dee has her botanical art classes, I have the horticulture course. Our quest to conquer the seven hills of Edinburgh continues – you get a grand view of the back of our house from the top of Wester Craiglockhart. We’ve treated ourselves to a new music system (and an iPod Classic to house the library). There are books to read, crosswords to complete, socks and bunnets to knit, bulbs to plant, and plenty of household chores and oddjobs to keep us both out of mischief.

DSCF1235.JPG We’ve been to the first monthly meeting of the Colinton Gardening Club and are enjoying the weekly meetings of the local Literary Society (a presentation from the chairman of the National Farmers’ Union struck us as somewhat livestock-centric, and a highly informed talk on Grassic Gibbon took me right back to Eastwood High School in the 1970s, in a good way).

Yesterday was a wet Saturday. We went to a plant sale in a local church hall, bought a wee aloe vera (for symbolic healing), some beetroot (for juicing) and some bulbs (for spring colour, if the foxes don’t get them first), and had a nice conversation over coffee with a couple who recognised us from these meeetings (must be the bunnet). In the afternoon we went into town to buy me some new slippers and have tea in Jenners. As I wrote in a text to my sisters, it’s all very middle-aged and middle class. Wilma had spent the morning ferrying children to music and drama classes, the afternoon swimming at the health club, and was settling down to Strictly Come Dancing with a Two can Dine from M&S. Alison was in Amsterdam with her group of girlfriends, had been round the red light district and done a canal tour, and was heading off on a bit of a pub crawl. Al wins.

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