Small Hills and Sock Mountains

DSCF1193.JPG We’re enjoying something of an Indian summer this week. A Scottish Indian summer that is, with a strong and strangely warm wind blowing from the south west. So being reasonably up to date with our current workload we set off in the late morning to walk the trio of northern Pentland Hills, Capelaw, Allermuir and Caerketton. Just under 8km, mostly uphill (or so it seemed to me) and bending into that strong, warm wind. It wasn’t a day for bunnets of any kind, and I had to be careful not to get sunburn on my baldy pate 🙂 (from the photo it looks as if Dee was lucky to hang onto her hair). Fabulous if slightly hazy views of the city and the Firth of Forth (the Bass Rock is still white with gannets). Slight haziness is a characteristic of the east coast of course. Purists may mock the Pentlands ( I used to) and draw invidious comparisons with classic west coast ridge walks – I expect people on the Five Sisters of Kintail or the South Cluanie Ridge had a pretty excellent time today – but we had a grand day in our own personal playground. And we got the bus back from Hillend to the front door.

DSCF1670.JPG Slightly smaller than Capelaw, but proving much harder to conquer, is the mountain of new socks which Dee has accumulated over a number of years, recently recovered from store. Many of them are grey (she has a particular fondness of grey cotton socks). There are purchases and presents going back several years (there’s even a pair still sporting their packaging from the old Au Coton shop in Montreal which has been closed since 2004), a fine collection of colourful SmartWool socks which Rose has carefully selected in the course of some of her cross-border sorties to New England and which have usually been pronounced ‘too good to wear’, and a number of larger items of my own creation (I confess to a slight sock knitting habit, there being a tremendous sense of knitting satisfaction in successfully turning a heel).

So here’s the thing – no matter how much she begs, nor the plausibility of the request, the attractiveness of the garment, the novelty of the yarn – please do not provide Dee with any more socks, under any circumstances, until further notice. She has enough to start a wee sock shop but probably we’ll just get on with enjoying wearing all these lovely new socks instead.

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