51 Redford Road, Edinburgh

HouseFront.jpg The missives are now concluded so it’s probably safe to post that this is our new address. We think it has a solid ring to it. The house is solid too – 1930s upper villa flat, pebble-dashed, slate roof, original double doors, internal stone stair, marble fireplace, picture rails. Views of the Pentlands out the front, and of Arthur’s Seat out the back (we can see the castle too when the trees are not in leaf). Decent sized garden complete with roses, mature trees, fruit bushes and an Anderson Shelter!

Garden.jpg We’re planning a few alterations and improvements. Planning permission is being sought for a driveway and shed (bike store and Dee’s workshop). We’ve designed our new kitchen with the help of a charming young man from Ikea. We’re changing the boiler and some of the radiators. All of the floor coverings are being replaced and all of the walls and ceilings will be repainted (the previous occupants were heavy smokers).

We’re trying very hard to remain within budget (Dee has a spreadsheet which must be referred to at all times), and true to the many principles we have resolved and evolved during our nomadic phase (it’s seven months today since we were last the owners of bricks and mortar). Our possessions in store will be sifted and sorted, and only those things for which we have need (or very strong and justifiable want), use and space will be retained. Our carbon footprint will be reduced (we’re on a bus route and there are great cycle paths nearby). We are making use of (sustainable, responsibly sourced) natural materials where possible. We are taking steps now to reduce our future fuel needs and costs. We will try to make a positive contribution to the community in which we live (I’m more drawn to the Colinton Gardening Club than the Community Council, been there, done that, do not feel the need to chair any more formal local governmental greetin’ meetin’s). We are SO looking forward to it all.


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