The Greenock Cut

DSCF1498.JPG Our leg muscles and knees having recovered from their Ben Lomond experience, and our enthusiasm for fresh air and the west coast landscape undiminished, we decided on a longish flattish day out. The first treat of the day was a train from Wemyss Bay (what a lovely station) to our starting point above Greenock. The Cut is a contour path following a aqueduct from the Loch Thom reservoir to serve the town. DSCF0880.JPG It’s a lovely walk with fabulous views over the Firth of Clyde and its various fjords (we could even wave in the direction of the hordes of people we felt sure were on the slopes of Ben Lomond at the same time). We had our lunch at the Cornalees / Clyde Muirshiel / Greenock Cut Visitor Centre (it’s gone through a few reincarnations since it first opened in the 1970s but the waterfall and the nature trail were pretty much as I remember from family days out – except it wasn’t raining). Then we continued back across the moors following the Kelly Cut, another aqueduct from the same reservoir to Wemyss DSCF0895.JPG Bay. Funny how you can forget about the existence of a place for years and years, and then it suddenly becomes a focal point (our island-hopping cycle tour a few weeks ago started and ended at Wemyss Bay too).

DSCF0892.JPG In the same vein, having thoroughly enjoyed our longish, flattish walk of almost 20km around the hill and over the moor, we felt we deserved an ice-cream from Nardini’s in Largs. We’d been back there last week too with Mum on a holiday Monday outing to Lunderston Bay (as Wilma – who had more experience of this than I did, being that much younger and therefore still being carted around in the days when Dad had discovered Lunderston Bay for walks and plants – remarked, ‘where else would you be on holiday Monday?’). The main objective of that trip was to get some plants to finish Mum’s tubs, afternoon tea and ice cream in Nardini’s being an optional extra.

DSCF1496.JPG We are making the most of current residence in the west. For soon we shall move in the direction of the rising sun (not far, but in that general direction).


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